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Salinity Sensor

Salinity Sensor


Monitor, measure, and record the level of dissolved salt in the water contents
across different subsea environments.



Integrated Functionality

Integrated with the FIFISH APP, this salinity sensor precisely and easily measures the total dissolved salt content in an aqueous solution. It can be used on bodies of water with a wide range of salinities, from hyper-saline environments like the Dead Sea to the more brackish waters and oceans.


Simple & Easy Assembly

Simply attach the Salinity Sensor add-on and its power cable to the ROV’s fuselage, which will be ready for operations and dives at a moment’s notice. Reduce operational costs and human risks by automating routine underwater measurement tasks.





Depth Rating 100m
Operation temperature 0 to 60 °C
Input Voltage 9V-13V DC
Communication UART
Range 0-72 PPT
Tolerance 0.01 PPT
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