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FIFISH Retrieval Hook

FIFISH Retrieval Hook


Rugged and heavy-duty hook, with a powerful clamp and lock function to pull weights of up to 200KG


Recover Heavy Objects with Ease

Retrieve and salvage various types of heavy objects with ease, such as lobster traps, lost anchors, unique boxes, and much more.


Rugged & Light Build

The retrieval hook is made out of anodized aluminum alloy, that is both durable, lightweight, and fully corrosion resistant.



Functional Design

The retrieval hook is designed with a powerful clamp and lock function that is simple to use, withstanding the weight and pull of underwater objects of up to 200KG.


 *V6 Series Hook: Compatible with both FIFISH V6s & FIFISH V6 EXPERT



Max Drag Strength 200kg
Material Anodised Aluminum Alloy
Application Notes 1: Salvage Rope is not included
2: Installed for use with the robotic arm
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