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SKU: Q-Camera


Real-time video feed and onshore control with multi-angle installation. Complement your main camera with additional underwater views and angles filmed simultaneously.



Multi-Angle Filming in Real Time

The Q-Camera add-on is a rugged and powerful attachment stacked on top of your FIFISH ROV, delivering an additional solution for a real-time video feed. Complement your main camera with the ability to record additional views and angles underwater at the same time.


Optimal Angle of View & Memory Storage

The Q-Camera can be installed and implemented in multiple angles, comes with an internal memory of 128GB, and has a 166° field-of-view. Record videos and images with customized height, tilt, and angle that are based on your requirements.



Full Illumination of Your Surroundings

The Q-Camera delivers up to an additional 2000 Lumen LED brightness that allows the operator to explore and inspect dark and turbid environments with enhanced clarity.





Camera Sensor 1/2.3’ SONY CMOS
Effective Pixels 12MP
Field of View 166°
Photo Resolution 4000 x 3000
Photo Format JPG, DNG
Video Resolution 4K UHD
LED Brightness V6 Series | 1000 Lumens
W6 Version | 2000 Lumens
Depth Rating V6 Series | 100m
W6 Version | 350m
Photo Format JPG, DNG
Direction Forward, Backward, Left, Right
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