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FIFISH Net Patch Kit

FIFISH Net Patch Kit


Specially designed for aquaculture operations, remotely repair net damages and secure open holes with quickness and efficiency.



Modern Aquaculture Solution

The Net Patch Kit is an essential tool for users and professionals in the world of fish farming and mariculture, delivering a quick and efficient solution for repairing net damages, while all performed remotely.


Simple & Safe Repairs

A touch of a button on the remote controller releases the Net Patch to secure the damaged netting area, resulting in a quicker and more efficient method of repairing damages that minimizes operational costs & human risks.



Multi-sizes Patch Kits for Different Scenarios

Depending on the size of the challenge, the Net patch comes in 3 different sizes. Secure net damages with ease and continue carrying out essential fish farming operations and inspections free from worries.





Standard Size 13cm x 13cm
Optional Sizes 17cm x 17cm
21.5cm x 21.5cm
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