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FIFISH Edgebox Control System

FIFISH Edgebox Control System



Edgebox Wireless Control System

Introducing QYSEA’s patented remote wireless control system, providing operators the ability to control the FIFISH ROVs over long and remote distances.



5G Wireless & Long-distance Control Unlocked

Utilizing surrounding base station networks and communications with the Edgebox Control System, users are can operate the FIFISH from vast distance ranges of up to hundreds of kilometres away from its operating areas.


Operate with Precision at Remote Locations

The integrated system and network deliver a low latency controlling experience and high-definition video feedback in real-time, providing operators across a range of marine industries with greater efficiency, effectiveness, and safety for their team.



Seamless Operation from your Office Space

With wireless long-distance controlling capabilities, operators can control FIFISH with Underwater Robot at remote fisheries from their indoor offices on land.



A Total Solution from Sky, Land & Sea

The system can work together with unmanned aerial drones and boats, taking the ROV out to far and remote distances and seamlessly deployed for complex operational missions and inspections.




Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Weight 580g
Size 205mm x 145mm x 65mm
Content Client Box *1
Server Box *1
HDMI Interface Maximum 4K output *1
Power Interface DC 5V/ 4-6A
Network Interface LAN: 1000Mbps *2
LAN: 1000Mbps *2WAN: 1000Mbps *1
USB Interface USB 3.0 *1
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